Residents of Nyabimwa village, Mwamogabo clan in Keboye sub location Bomariba ward were left in a rude shock after a cow was poisoned to death. 

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According to the owner of the cow Dennis Simbe, the cow died mysteriously.

"The cow didn't show any of illness, We woke up only to find the cow dead. A local veterinary officer was called to establish what caused the cow's death it was shocking it the veterinary officer revealed that the cow died of poison," he said. 

He said witchcraft cases are rampant in the area. 

"The death of the cow is total witchcraft being practised in the area. People should stop becoming jealous when others make progress," he added. 

Simbe assured that he will buy another cow to replace the one which was poisoned. 

Maureen Nyanchera, a local called on local authorities to conduct a thorough probe to nab the cow's killers. 

"The cow could have helped villagers with milk but, unfortunately, due to jealous it was poisoned to death," she stated. 

Clinton Nyabaro protested the cow's death saying people engaging in witchcraft must stop.

"No one is going to continue living with witches in the village. We are going to start lynching one by one," noted Nyabaro.