Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris and renowned blogger Robert Alai on Friday engaged in an ugly war of words on social media.

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It started when Alai attacked the legislator following her appointment as the new Food and Safety Ambassador by the Fresh Produce Consortium of Kenya.

In a post on his official Twitter account, the blogger claimed Passaris meant no good for Nairobians having accepted to work with the civil society.

"I told you that she was up for the highest bidder. She has now been pocketed by lobbyists," Alai tweeted.

But in a quick rejoinder, the Woman Representative told off the blogger and accused him of thriving on lies.

Apparently angered by the remarks, Passaris said Alai was a pessimist and warned him against bashing her again.

"Don't you get exhausted for always looking for the wrong in everything as opposed to the right? You not in my league. Find someone of your own calibre for change to bash around. Oops. There is only one #RobertALiar Go look in the mirror and bash that guy who thrives on lies," she posted

Passaris was appointed by the Board and Management of Fresh Produce Consortium of Kenya to be the Food and Safety Ambassador on Wednesday.

In her new role, the MP will be expected to help the non-governmental organisation advocate for production of safe food which is essential in protecting various stakeholders in the food chain.