With the 2022 general elections already in sight, a number of politicians are already standing out as the next probable leaders across the country.

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The same is the case in Luo Nyanza and specifically Siaya County where a number of politicians already appear as frontrunners for some seats.

Ironically, some are yet to declare interest in the seats they are being linked to, a good example being Siaya Senator James Orengo who is being observed as a possible contestant in the 2022 gubernatorial race.

The same goes to his bosom buddy and fellow renowned counsel Otiende Amollo who is currently the lawmaker for Rarieda in the same county.

The two have managed to use their profession to popularize themselves, especially their involvement in opposition leader Raila Odinga's successful 2017 presidential petition.

This made them the most admired duo in Nyanza and specifically Siaya where Raila also hails from.

Also, their continued loyalty and closeness to Raila make them simply unbeatable were they to ride on a single ticket in a bid to succeed outgoing Governor Cornel Rasanga.

Their apparently high academic credentials are also proof that the region will have the best persons at the helm should they secure the posts.

Should they agree to run for the seat as Governor and running mate respectively, the duo would win the seat before the voting begins.

Thanks to their popularity and the admiration they enjoy among the people, all they would need is to declare their bid and wait for their victory.

They would not even need to go around the county to campaign ad they have already won the hearts of the people and the nation at large.

However, they remain silent on their plans for the much-anticipated race.