Giving birth to twins is a great blessing most women pray for.  Even though they bring happiness to their parents' life, taking care of them all at once can be a challenge since each one of them desires own attention. 

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Here are the struggles only parents to twins can understand;

1. The urge to buy two of everything

Twins wish to have everything they have similar. These parents will, therefore, feel a lot of pressure to keep everything bought equal.

2. They do not know which twin to attend to first when they cry

It becomes a more challenging situation when both twins cry at the same time. Such parents have to try their best to calm them down at a go which needs time and skills.

3. Getting tired of answering questions

Parents of twins are always asked numerous questions concerning their babies each day. Some of these questions can be; which twin is older than the other? how long was their delivery interval? and which twin is more active? among other questions.

4. Squabbles start early

Even though most people believe that twins are the best of friends, this might not be the case since they start fighting over different things early in life. It can be a crazy situation to their parents.

5. Trying so hard not to compare them

As parents track their babies progress, they will be subjected to comparing them which they try so hard not to if they are twins. This can be based on their activeness or development.  For instance, a parent will have to worry when one of the twins starts walking while the other is far to walking.