Weeks after being airlifted to India for specialised treatment, the former Garissa finance CEC Idris Mukhtar is still in a coma. 

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In a sworn affidavit filed at the High Court Nairobi on 7 November 2018, the CEC's father Dr. Aden Mukhtar revealed that his son was still in a critical condition.

While supporting his sworn affidavit, Dr Aden revealed that he was submitting the petition on behalf of his son Idriss Mukhtar 'who is presently still in a coma'.

"...I have brought this petition on my own behalf, on behalf of my son namely Idriss Mukhtar, who is presently still in coma and undergoing specialized treatment in India after being shot in the head on the night of 19th August 2018..." stated Aden in part.

CEC Idris Mukhtar, before the tragic shooting incident, is said to have initiated a court petition challenging governor Korane's alleged fake academic credentials from the University of Nairobi. 

Several people have since recorded statements with the police probing the shooting, among them Governor Ali Korane and his blood brother.