Legendary Sungusia Boys band suffered a major blow on Friday night following the death of Haron Auta, a renowned vocalist in the band which has rocked Gusii music for decades.

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By the time of his death on Friday night, Auta had joined splinter music band of Kwasakwasa, which comprises mostly of former Sungusia Boys band singers.

Despite the split, Sungusia and Kwasakwasa at times compose songs and perform together. The two bands reclaimed control in Gusii music industry after the death of legendary composer and singer John Ariisi in 1996.

In 2017, Sungusia suffered a major blow following the death of Bernard Onsongo alias Onsongo Omosongo. A year later, band player George Morara alias Omorendire also succumbed.

A close family member John Moriasi, said Mr Auta had been ailing for months now. He spent his final days at Christmarianne Hospital in Kisii.

"It's true we lost Ekiaramba on Friday night. He has been struggling with his health for several months at Christamarriane Hospital. He unfortunately passed away.

"He will be remembered for his heroics as a vocalist and a composer. The family will continue giving updates on his burial in due course. We wish him well as hope to meet in Heaven," said a tearful Moriasi.

Songs composed by the two bands are popular due to their timeliness and contemporary approach. They usually focus on Agriculture, education and other society important matters.

The bands have however been struggling with finances and mostly depends on politicians and Harambees to sustain their recordings. They are however still popular.