It is the responsibility of both partners to ensure that the relationship works. It is common to hear one of the partners lamenting that he or she is the only one fighting to make things right. A one-sided affair rarely lasts. Here are four tips for making your relationship a priority.

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1. Keep in touch all the time

Keep finding out how your partner is feeling. Communication is among the recipes of happiness in relationships. Never assume your partner is okay unless you have confirmed the same.

2. Don’t be overprotective

Over-protection makes us hide so many flaws in our relationships. There are things we do not want to talk about but they can come back haunting us. Avoid being overprotective of yourself as well as your partner if you want to make things work.

3. Don’t counter attack your partner

Has your partner wronged you? Sometimes we are tempted to attack our partners because they have wronged us. Unnecessary criticisms will only end up hurting our love lives. Learn to tolerate your man or woman whenever things are not working.

5. Treat each other with respect

Respect is crucial in a relationship. Lack of respect puts your love life at stake. Learn to respect your man and he will also respect you in return.