Political analyst Ambrose Weda has taken a swipe at Nandi Governor Stephen Sang over his recent actions that saw him arrested on Monday and arraigned in court on Wednesday.

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The youthful county boss was arrested after uprooting tea bushes owned by a private investor on Friday, claiming that the crop is planted on a public land meant for a cattle dip.

However, Weda now says that the move brought out the governor in bad light, and might affect his political future.

The commentator argues that the action brings Sang out as a hooligan, and has taken away his initial image of a possible future president, turning him into a simple joker.

"Sang was a presidential material but what we are now seeing is a joker. I think power is getting into his head. There is nowhere in the constitution where his job involves taking power saws to uproot tea bushes," said Weda.

Weda was speaking in an interview on KBC English Service's The Big Conversation show on Wednesday morning.

He said that in his (Weda) capacity as a lawyer, he can predict that it will be very hard for Sang to win the case which is now pending in court, after his release on bail on Tuesday.

According to the High Court Advocate, Sang missed out on the fact that tea is a protected crop, which even the farmers are not allowed to uproot anyhow, without court approval.

"Tea, just like coffee, is a protected crop. The governor has other mechanisms he could have used to address the issue. He should have used the correct apparatus," he added.

Sang, immediately after his release by a Kisumu court on Tuesday, said that he will continue fighting for the rights of common citizens of his county.