Raila Odinga had loyal friends who stood with him during his thick times. They sacrificed themselves to ensure he ascends to the presidency. 

However, when they were in the thick, Raila abandoned them leaving them on their own. This ruined once rejoiced relationship between them and the ODM leader. 

These are some of Raila's loyalists who later fell out with him; 

1. William Ruto 

Ruto had agreed to support Raila in 2007 general elections after he was defeated him in ODM party primaries. The Deputy President marshalled votes from his vote-rich Rift Valley block, the move that nearly made Raila Kenya's fourth president.

After the disputed 2007 election results, Ruto in the height of post-election was an ODM figure who fought Raila's mass action war of 'stolen' presidency to protest retired President Mwai Kibaki's controversial win. He fought as if it was his own war despite mean-looking GSU officers who lobbied tear-gas at them.

However, when Ruto was named among the ICC suspects, Raila backstabbed him and instead told him to save himself, the move that ruined the relationship between the duo. 

2. Miguna Miguna 

The firebrand lawyer was Raila's senior advisor and a part of ODM's campaign team during 2007 general elections. Despite earlier fallout between the two, in a dramatic reversal of stance, Miguna became one of Odinga's most outspoken advocate and Uhuru's critic. 

On January 30, 2018, in a mock swearing-in ceremony, Miguna administered an oath of office to Raila Odinga as 'the People's President'. 

However, in a tussle with immigration department involving Miguna's citizenship, Raila kept silent over the whole saga, an act that made Miguna hit out at him for not taking a step to help him out of the whole fracas. Since then, the relationship between the duo has worsened.