Marriage, which is the union between two people in love, who are ready to sacrifice their life being together as a couple, has not been an easy task. Most lovers regret why they choose their partners and they end-up divorcing.

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Single mothers have always been single-out in love life, as most of them,may have fallen-out from wrong relationship or marriage that messed them up.

Here are some of the precious characteristics that single mothers do have that will make you hunger to have one as your lifetime spouse;

1. They are faithful

Single mothers will always be ready to fall into a one true love relationship with a faithful guy, they will never heart-broke your heart and will always love you truly, in hope that they will never encounter the previous mistakes.

2. They are hardworking

These kinds of women are always focused and on the forefront to make ends meet. They always believe in themselves, making them successful in what they do. Their life experience with rejection always encourages them to always stand on their own and make sure their children never lack.

3. They are caring

They are always caring and concern about you and the children you both have, as she values so much the bond binding the family together, to prevent regrets and heart-breaks.