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Three lunchtime meals that will keep you healthy

Nyamu Wa Mwombe
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When planning your weekly diet, you need to mind what you pick as your lunchtime meal. The other problems with tasty lunch foods are the time they take to be prepared. However, here are three healthy and relatively easy to cook meals that will keep you healthy.

1. Avocado toast

An avocado toast is a great lunch meal despite it being traditionally a breakfast favourite. The toast only needs some addition of proteins and nutrients. However, the meal will leave you feeling light and with enough energy to complete afternoon tasks. Additionally, this economical alternative will help you save some coins.

2. Kale salad with plant protein

A kale salad accompanied with proteins should start dominating your lunch picks. Whether you are buying or making them at home, this serving will keep you full and healthy. Kale is rich in calcium, fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C making it the perfect addition to plant proteins.

3. Chicken

When you have some good cash, the chicken should be on your lunch menu. It has a good quantity of proteins that will keep you going in the afternoon. The carbohydrates available are low as well as the calorie content is not too high to be deadly.

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