Controversial Gospel artist Willy Paul has been accused of disrespecting Christian religion after he inappropriately touched fellow artist Nandy.

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Willy Paul is being accused by his colleague in the gospel industry Ringtone.

Ringtone took to his Instagram account to accuse Willy Paul of touching the female artist inappropriately yet she was not married to him, an act he said was against the Christian belief and faith.

The artist was referring to the latest hit 'Hallelujah', a 'love' song in which Willy Paul features Bongo artiste Nandy.

In the song video, Nandy is seen touching Willy Paul's head in a 'seductive' manner, which is one of the pieces that has angered Ringtone.

"So Willy Paul today I just want to address you over your song, because I feel that you have disrespected out God. Will Paul, Nandy is not your wife and you are touching her private parts, she twerking at you and you are saying hallelujah, that woman who is not to your wife called Nandy is touching your head seductively, your private parts, touching your behind. Touching everywhere and you’re saying hallelujah, said Ringtone in the Instagram post.

He has also challenged all Christians across the county to head to court and sue Willy Paul for disrespecting their God revealing that starting this week, he will be heading to court to sue Willy Pozze.

Ringtone has been amongst criticizers of Willy Paul's music. He has been claiming that his colleague had shifted from gospel to secular but was not coming out clear over it.