A normal person should spend at least 6-8 hours sleeping. Having a good sleep is healthy. However, there are many factors that will determine whether you have a good sleep or not. 

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One of these factors is your mattress. A good mattress should be clean. Many people don’t clean their mattresses. 

Here are crucial reasons you should always clean your mattress;

To remove dust and food particles

There are many things people do on their mattresses apart from sleeping. For some people, their mattress is their playing ground while for others, this is their dining tables. At the end of the day, a lot of food particles and dust accumulate on the mattress. This calls for cleaning of the mattress. Mattresses should be cleaned regularly to remove such things as food particles, dust, and drink slips. 

To prevent bedbugs from infesting your mattress

A clean mattress keeps away bedbugs and fleas. When you don’t clean your mattress, you give such irritating insects room for survival. Regularly clean your mattress to keep these unwanted insects away. 

To avoid an allergic reaction

Some people are allergic to such things as dust on mattresses. Usually, people who wake up in the morning with a running nose, sneezing and with an itchy throat could be having dirty mattresses. Such people are allergic to the dust on their mattress and it should be cleaned for them to enjoy their sleep.

To extend its lifespan

Cleaning your mattress extends its lifespan. Buying a new mattress is expensive and thus you need to clean it to help it last longer. Not cleaning your mattress will reduce its lifespan as it will tear or even get worn out unevenly. Just like clothes, a mattress’s lifespan increases when you keep it clean. 

To keep your bed clean

Who wants reasons before cleaning their bed? Everybody wants to keep their resting place clean. Therefore, not only should you clean your sheets and blankets, but also clean your mattress. This will give you a good sleep that we all desire.