Garissa Primary School has a unique section that shelters 26 children with special needs.

These children have some unique challenges which could possibly last a lifetime that include visual impairments, autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, albinism, and other growth and development deformities.

These children need extra support and additional services for a better living. 

They have distinct goals, and need guidance and help in meeting their academic, social, emotional, and sometimes medical needs. 

Persons with special needs may need lifetime guidance and support while dealing with everyday activities.

Children with special needs need love, kindness, and care. 

Unfortunately, when a volunteer named Nurdin Badel and his former classmates of 1995 visited the centre yesterday there was no indication of the existence of such. 

The centre was dull and lifeless. 

The few care givers looked depressed, dejected and demotivated and much of that could be that they are earning peanuts in that hard environment. 

Beds at the centre are not safe and suitable to some of the children. 

This forces the caregivers to put their mattress on the floor. 

There was no sign of both entertainment and fun, for some of the kids who permanently lay in their mattresses or sit on wheel chairs.

The centre is sponsored by the school and some few unreliable help from well-wishers which means it operates on very limited resources. 

The school had 4 old braille machines, for so much wear and tear they are all out of use.