The National Government has invested Sh14 billion to build state of the art roads in Kisii County. This was confirmed by president Uhuru Kenyatta during the opening of new facilities at Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital.

“I have spoken with the leaders and they told me about the roads they want us to build…the Government has invested Sh 14 billion on Kisii county roads and we want to finish almost 300km. We must first finish these roads we started so that we can start the remaining once,” the President spoke.

This will improve the transport system in Kisii in county benefit to the residence especially motorists and business people it will prevent traffic jams.

The president also added that they are conducting an audit concerning the debt they owe the coffee farmers and as soon as the finish they will see how to pay them so as to relieve their burden.

“We are partnering with other Government ministries and we want to finish building two tea factories one in Kisii and the other in Nyamira through the KTDA,” the President confirmed.

It was also good news for cancer patients as the President affirmed that among the 4 Cancer centres going to be built Kisii county will be among the beneficiaries and the have invested sh. 2 billion in that facility.

“Soon the Government will purchase a new bus for Kereri Girls so that our girls can study in peace”, the president broke the good news.

He was accompanied by former Prime Minister Hon Raila Odinga and the president said they had come to preach peace cause without peace the developments they want to see cannot be archived.