There is a number who might brag on how well they know women, but when it comes to things that women say sometimes they also get confused. 

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Women happen to be weird sometimes as they tend to say things that are hard to be answered honestly. 

Here are some of the words that make women confusing when they say them.

“Does this make me fat?”

If you happen to be fat, you won’t take it lightly when your man happens to be honest with you about it. 

Despite knowing this, most of the women keep asking their men on how a particular cloth brings out their look, which forces most men to say “No".

“We need to talk.”

Seriously, this is the worst thing that usually terrifies most men. 

It is usual for couples to talk but telling a guy that you need to speak will automatically make him doubt himself. 

He will start to think of the things that he has done recently and which one might have made the situation reach to where it is.

“Notice anything different?”

Besides the change of hairstyles, piercing of the ears, or presence of a baby bump, men are poor at noticing anything new from a woman. 

In that case, you don’t need to put a tough guy situation of trying to guess what’s new with you, tell him.