Dubat Amey, the Kenya Livestock Marketing Association chairman, has asked the government to improve infrastructure in Garissa County in an effort to prevent Al-Shabaab attacks.

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Amey said tarmacking of roads will immensely improve security and reduce incidents of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) being buried in earth roads by Al-Shabaab militants.

Amey who was speaking on Tuesday in Garissa town said the militants plant IEDs on the roads targeting travellers and security agents adding that more than 50 police officers have lost their lives since 2017.

The chair said this was among recommendations proposed to the State by Garissa leaders for implementation in a bid to improve security following recent terror attacks.

He said after the attack in Garissa University back in April 2015, they had proposed a number of recommendations to fight terrorism but only a few have been implemented.

“It is one thing to have a good document and a totally different thing to implement it. We have been there before and our failure to implement the recommendation is our biggest weakness and undoing.”

“We know that when the government is serious on implementing these recommendations it can easily do that. Unfortunately, that is what is lacking,” said Amey.

Peace committee secretary Hassan Osman said they will work with the sub-county committee as they look for funding to conduct civic education on the recommendations proposed by the leaders.

Leaders from Garissa had on Tuesday during the meeting proposed that chiefs should be armed to fight the militants and that individuals who share intelligence with the authorities should be rewarded and their identity protected to prevent victimization.