Kenyan artiste Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee has shared a piece of advice with her female fans.

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In a post on her Facebook page, Akothee told her fans that dating a rich guy does not guarantee them a better life.

She noted that in the event you break up with the guy, he'll go to the extent of selling everything he ever bought for you.

"Even when you date a rich man if you break up they would like to bring you back to where they found you, including selling everything they've ever bought for you, if they could lay a hand on them," read the post in part.

She also shared her experience on the matter, noting that she has never been comfortable staying in a house that was built by a man before they even started dating.

The 'Give it to me' hitmaker said any property that is in the man's name should be considered his property and not the lady's.

"I don't fancy a car with the log book in a man's name! Any property in a man's name is not ours, it is his. That's me, I don't know about you. The only thing no ex will fight for is the children you came with. Those are the only documents they won't steal, your children birth certificate. Tittle deeds, logbooks weka kwa bank," she added.

Akothee concluded by asking women to get out of their comfort zone and help their men in building their future.  

"As a woman, get yourself something to do for a living. Support your husbands hustle, don't wait for him to do everything for you. First, you will become boring and annoying. The day he won't be able to provide, you will be wiped off your feet! Just increase things go left or south," she said.