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5 steps to prepare for a job interview

Arangi P. Arangi
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There are millions of job seekers on the market. 

You cannot afford to make a silly mistake when it comes to the job interview. 

Preparing for an interview can be tasking. 

Never take chances if you want to land your dream job. 

It is not all about your academic qualifications and experience.

 Here are five crucial steps to prepare for a job interview;

1. Go through the job description

Different jobs have different requirements. 

Find out the skills the recruiter is looking for before the interview. 

It is also recommended to familiarise yourself with the duties of the position you want at the firm.

2. Conduct research on the firm's activities

Never walk into an interview room when you are not aware of what the firm does. 

Take advantage of the internet to get information about the company. 

Find out the mission, vision and goals of the firm before the day of the interview.

3. Rehearse your answers

Sometimes job seekers find themselves confused in interview rooms when they had answers. 

Rehearse the answers before you enter that room. 

Rehearsing will not only make it easy to remember, but also boost your confidence level.

4. Brainstorm your questions

No one can tell the kind of questions he or she will be asked during the interview. 

It could be a great idea to brainstorm. 

Brainstorming enables you to get a clue about what could happen during the interview.

5. Relax

Many job seekers become restless while waiting for their turn at the reception. 

Always relax before the interview. 

Breath in and out before heading to the interviewing room.

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