It is natural for most women to want to know certain information about their boyfriend’s ex. 

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However, if you notice that you are obsessed with your boyfriend’s ex, you need to end this behaviour before it ruins your relationship.

Here are three tips on how to stop obsessing over your boyfriend’s ex.

1. Keep in mind that they broke up for a reason

Some women get worried because they are not sure whether their boyfriends will one day decide to hook up with their ex. 

However, to stop worrying so much, you should keep in mind that your boyfriend and his ex broke up for a reason and that’s why you are in the picture.

2. Realise that stalking has zero positive benefits

If you get tempted to stalk your boyfriend’s ex, you need to realise that stalking has zero benefits. 

That is because the person that you are wasting time stalking might have already moved on with her life. Avoid being stuck in your boyfriend's past by focusing on building a happy relationship.

3. Know that some curiosity is natural

Understanding that it’s natural to be curious is another easy way of getting over the obsession.

After knowing that, you will, in the end, try to control yourself and avoid doing things that are not healthy in your relationship.