Before dropping the big question 'Will you marry me?' to your lady, it's important that you consider the environment in which such a question will be answered. 

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Proposing to your lovebird is the final stage in sealing the lengthy courtship process and therefore, it is important that you make it memorable. 

Luckily for Kenyan men, this country has lots of beautiful places where such a weighty question can be responded to. Ladies will always love to remember the day you [men] proposed and put a ring on it.

As romantic as it sounds, proposing inside your house is no way to go about it! Generally, public display of affection (PDA) is best remembered when done in a unique place where the two of you rarely frequent. 

According to TravelStart Kenya, the following destinations in the country will make a proposal worth memorable:

1. Diani Beach


It's the most popular destination at the Kenyan coast and your display of affection will be worth it. Any woman will love such a beautiful beach.

2. Uhuru Gardens


The green scenery with a mix of yellow tulips symbolizes the affection here. Located on Lang'ata Road, the garden boasts of popularity with numerous wedding events happening there each year.

3. K.I.C.C helipad


Come on! Who doesn't want to be proposed to on the second tallest building in Kenya? Although getting consent to the helipad is quite a challenge, the effort will be worthy.

4. The Maasai Mara


It's arguably the most popular destination in the world whenever one makes reference to Kenya. I'm sure your sweetheart will appreciate it and keep such a place close to her heart. Go on, gentlemen, try it out.