Police in Kisumu on Tuesday arrested two suspects for allegedly defiling four minors, in Manyatta slums. 

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The two are being held at the Kondele police station, as they wait for their arraignment in court. 

Kondele police boss Boniface Mutie confirmed the same, adding that the two will be held at the station for processing as they await court action.

Citizen Digital reports that one of the suspects, Samuel Ambasa Kirumbe is 30 years old, while the other, Kelvin Ochieng is aged 28.

Kirumbe is accused of repeatedly defiling three minors aged 13, 14 and 17, while Ochieng is accused of defiling a minor aged 12.

According to one of the parent of the defiled minors, one of the suspects is a close neighbour. 

The parent explained that her 12-year-old daughter went missing on Sunday evening, forcing them to launch a search for her. 

The search continued overnight until Monday, when they discovered that the girl was locked in the neighbour's house.

The parent claimed that the neighbour helped during the search, only for them to realise that he was using the trick to cover up.