It is the new year and probably renting a house in Nairobi is one of your resolutions.

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With the increasing population in Nairobi, getting a good and pocket friendly rental house is a huge task.

As you plan to rent, here are some of the factors you need to put into consideration for your comfortable stay.

1. Security 

It is important to rent in a place where your security is guaranteed.

As a new comer in Nairobi, don’t rent a house in an isolated place.

Some areas in Nairobi have been classified as highly insecure though security agencies work around the clock to contain crime.

2. Water 

It is an essential basic commodity which you need to survive in Nairobi.

While scouting for a rental house in Nairobi, consider availability of water in the area.

Some areas or estates don’t have connection to water supply and are forced to buy the precious commodity at exorbitant prices.

3. Rent

Before deciding on the rental house you need it is good to cosigner the amount payable as rent.

Don’t go for a house that will make you strain financially when it comes to paying monthly rent.

4. Commuter/transport cost 

It is good to choose a rental house in area that is close to your work place for easy movement.

This will also help you save some coins on transport.

5. Social amenities 

When sourcing for a rental house in Nairobi consider the availability of things like schools, hospitals, churches, mosque and other social facilities.