Love is always more of oneself sacrifice between the two lovebirds, whose hope is to get married and be a family at the specified time of their own choice.

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It's so unfortunate that some professions affect many families considering the time they do get to spend together once they are married.

Here are some of the proffesions that rarely fit to be married together because of time constraints attached to them;

1. Nurses

Nurses are always on a busy schedule of night duties, daytime duties and emergency response work. If a nurse marries a nurse, the time they spend together will always be less and also their children will never feel the parental love that is a necessity as children grow up.

2. Police Service

The police are always on duty, their work is always protecting people from harm and they are always on regular transfers. A couple cannot be placed in the same station at ago, therefore, this will also affect the family bond and the ties between the two. It may result in poor parenting.

3. Doctors

Doctors are always on call 24-hours, a full day. Therefore, the two doctors married will always be distracted whenever they are together, which also, to some extent will affect their parenting.