Pwani University is today (Wednesday) conducting elections for the Students Governing Council (SGC). 

It will be the first time the university is embracing the new voting system thanks to the Universities Act 2016, which provides for the election of student leaders through electoral college as opposed to all students participating in the exercise. 

Unlike the past elections where every vote counted, this time around, students vote according to their schools and choose delegates. 

Pwani University has seven schools; School of Education, School of Pure and Applied Sciences, School of Agricultural Sciences, School of Humanity and Social Sciences, School of Business and Economics, Environmental Science and Health Science. 

Each school will have three delegates representing it (a male and a female delegate and another academic representative) bringing the number of delegates to be chosen to 21. 

The delegates will then vote for their preferred coalition president and his/her team who must all be from one coalition which should be inclusive and diverse. 

Three coalitions have expressed their desire to lead comrades: The G7 coalition lead by Dalton Nyasimbi, Tetema coalition led by Kabii Martin and The Comrades Alliance which led by Jacob Fikirini. 

It is just a matter of time before the students know who will lead them in 2019/20 academic year.