Robert Greene’s ever green book on how to acquire power and keep it can still be useful today. 

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There are gems of wisdom each person aspiring to lead can learn from. One of these leaders is Deputy President William Ruto, whose ambitions to succeed President Kenyatta are in the open. 

There are five of these rules that DP Ruto has seemingly flouted since elections were concluded. 

1. Never outshine the master

 It is claimed that former President Daniel Moi was considered a passing cloud by people who saw him a threat to the top seat. They were however surprised by the man from Baringo, who went on to cement his grip on power, ruling for 24 years. This is not the case with DP Ruto. He is launching projects left right and centre, more than the president himself. He should be seen to be competing with the big man, and even contributing the same amount of money in harambees with the president is considered a threat. 

2. Conceal your intentions

The intentions of DP Ruto are well known. In fact the rest of the horses in the race for 2022 have not revealed themselves. It is this miscalculation that makes DP Ruto open to attacks from those who do not want to see him him assume presidency? This puts him on the defensive all the time. 

3.  Use absence to create respect and honour 

There was a time Raila Odinga went to the United States of America for a while. When he came back, he was accorded a heroes welcome by his supporters. He hogged the limelight. He had earned respect and honour. However, DP Ruto is ever present in the news. There’s always someone saying this or that about DP Ruto in regards to his presidential ambitions.