Violet Kemunto, the woman linked to DusitD2 terror attack, had a difficult background if at all information given by detectives is anything to believe.

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For now, Kemunto who is believed to have escaped to the neighbouring Somalia, remains at large even as DCI George Kinoti pitches tent in all regions where her relatives are believed to be.

Kemunto, believed to be in her late 20s, is the third born in the family and has three sisters and a brother who lives in the US.

The Standard has established that Kemunto’s family hails from Nyamache sub-county in Kisii County, but they hardly visit.

Relatives said that after the nasty breakup, Kemunto’s mother became estranged with her Kisii relatives, especially after she married the Muslim man, who is also now dead.

Another relative said the family hardly visited Kisii and the last time they were seen was during Zablon Kirioba’s burial, her biological father who was a tourist van driver.

At the infantry stages, Kemunto's mother Margaret, who stays at Ruai, is said to have separated from the father and consequently, married a Muslim man who has since died as well.

The last time she visited her paternal home was in 2015 during the burial of her father. At that time, she was in a Buibui, an indication that the family had converted to Islam.