'Mukombero’ scientifically known as Mondia White is a natural herb believed to improve the body’s immune system and is mostly grown in Western Kenya. It has now become a popular product on the streets of Eldoret town.  

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It is impossible not to notice the brown stems packed in paper bags. It is always thought that it was primarily a 'performance' enhancement herb much like viagra. Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to ask one of the sellers what exactly mukombero is. His answer came as a surprise to me.

Hundreds of Uasin Gishu locals have been addicted to the herb and they buy it daily. Initially, ‘mukombero’ was only widely used in parts of Western Kenya, but due to its growing popularity, it has now landed in the Eldoret markets and other parts of the country.

A number of Kalenjin men regularly use the herb for reasons well known by themselves. 

“We love it because it undoubtedly improves the body’s immune system and also increases libido both for men and women,” said Edward Kosut, a freelance journalist based in Eldoret.

Since time immemorial, there have been myths about ‘Mukombero’. It was said that it has the ability to radically increase the sexual appetite of an individual and boost sexual energy. However, those myths are not reality. 

Richard Wafula, a supplier of the herb in Eldoret points out that, "Mukombero is a natural herb that strengthens the body’s immune system and makes the respiratory system to work properly.”

Wafula outlined that mukombero is not a sexual booster but can gradually make a person be healthy and participate well in sexual activities.

He also confirmed that the demand for ‘Mukombero’ in Eldoret is on the rise and he brings boxes of the herb every week from Western Kenya.