The handshake between President Uhuru and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga was a turning point in the country as it brought peace and tranquillity in the nation.

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It did not take long before politicians from both sides actually appreciated the bold move by two leaders and embraced it. 

President Uhuru re-focused his energy on development as the country was behind him with no more division. 

This was well till the former Jubilee party vice-chairman David Murathe made statements that have all of a sudden risen the countries political temperatures.

Mr Murathe has gone on record to claim he will do what it takes to block deputy president Ruto from becoming the next president of Kenya.

He has actually made his first step by first stepping down from his position as the Jubilee party vice chairman. 

While he may genuinely be on that mission,  the effects have been negatively felt by the president.

First,  the president wanted peace in order to push his four pillars of development,  but the rise in political temperature is threatening the peace that has been there since handshake. 

Furthermore, The president did not want the country to be in political mood till 2022, but Murathe's statements have led to a lot of rifts within the Jubilee party and these have led to the president's name being dragged to politics. 

The closeness of Mr Murathe to the president has made a section of Kenyans to believe that he is actually speaking for the president. This makes the president to be seen as a betrayer especially from a section that supports Ruto.

 DP Ruto, on the other hand, is acting "the victim" which is doing him good politically as he is able to screen those people who are in his support and those who are not, this early before 2022. 

He is also using the situation to see the presidents move to actually know whether the betrayal claims are true or not for him to politically strategize.

His political "haters" are making their next steps known and he is simply there watching and planning counter-strategy  for them;