People have different experiences with traffic police officers on our Kenyan roads. 

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This brings us to the question of whether they are professional in doing their job or not. 

For a long time now, Kenyans have lodged various complains concerning harassment and corruption among traffic police officers. 

Just the other day, a woman, Sophie Njeri got herself in hot soup after filming 5 police officers who were harassing her fellow passenger along the Thika Super Highway. 

She was arrested and put behind bars. However, after various cries from Kenyans and politicians demanding her release, she was released on a Sh10, 000 cash bail. 

This is not the first incidence we have witnessed of Kenyan traffic police officer roughing up Kenyans. 

Another incidence was of a Tuk-tuk driver in Nakuru who was filmed hauling stones at two traffic police officers. 

The Tuk-tuk operator was later arrested for his bold act of chasing police officers who had allegedly smashed his side mirror. 

The man then said that the police officers were receiving bribes from other tuk-tuk drivers ahead of him. 

The two incidences are just but a few that are recorded. Many others go unnoticed. Many Kenyans are having a hard time dealing with some traffic police officers.