After a breakup, many people get afraid of totally losing contact with their ex, where as a result, they tend to try being friends.

However, not all the time that this works because the situation ends up creating a weird scenario between the two when they meet.

More so, there are things that matter a lot when it comes to knowing whether you are ready to become friends with your ex.

Here are signs that indicate you are not ready to be friends with your ex.

1. You’re fantasizing about getting back together

One thing that one should ask himself is why he or she wants to be friends with their ex? Is it because you are hoping to reconcile?

Well, if so, then it is better not to be friends as this might cost you another pain due to being turn down with your ex.

2. You’re feeling lonely

If you are suffering from loneliness, then it is not advisable to be friends with your ex.

That is because you will never recover from this feeling if you keep your ex around you.

3. You’re still feeling hurt or angry

It takes time to get over a breakup.

Hence, if you are still feeling hurt about the breakup, then that indicates you are not ready to be friends again with your ex.