When a person is reported missing in Kenya nowadays, the first thing that comes to mind is that he/she is dead. 

This has been made so owing to the increasing number of people who mysteriously disappear only to be found dead.

In July 2017, just a week before the general elections, IEBC ICT Manager in charge of the election technology Chris Msando was reported missing only to be found dumped at a forest in Kiambu County.

Human Rights lawyer Willy Kimani also disappeared sometime back, only to be found dead, dumped in a river together with his client. 

December last year, Multimedia University graduate Susan Njoki was reported missing only to be found at the City Mortuary two weeks later.

Yesterday, Dandora based human rights activist Caroline Mwatha who was reported missing 7 days ago was found dead, her body lying at the mortuary.

The news of these deaths always elicits a harsh reaction from Kenyans who start hashtags and pile pressure on the police to ensure justice is served and the perpetrators are brought to book. 

However, the pressure has not yielded much because so far, Kenyans only hear that suspects have been arrested, but no case has been tangibly concluded and the perpetrators found guilty.

The big question on everyone’s mind is; who is killing these people who go missing and why?

Looking at most of these deaths, one thing is clear, probably the victims were murdered because of the work they do, a secret they know, or standing in the way of a person who is so determined to get what he/she wants.

No one can clearly point out the people committing these heinous acts, but one thing is clear, it needs to stop. 

Our justice system should act decisively and make tough rulings that will scare potential perpetrators from engaging in such acts.

We cannot continue living in a country where you cannot take a stand and defend it, because people who do not agree with you might hatch a plan to kill you.

Our Constitution provides for freedom of expression, and the right to life, therefore no one should kill and go free.

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