Student’s life in most universities is not as appealing as it may seem out there. Most students go through rough times just for them to survive.

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This is a matter that up to date, no one is sure of whom to blame. Are the parents who are not giving their kids enough money or is it the government who don’t contribute much to university student’s wellbeing?

For instance, when it comes to eating, a large number of University of Eldoret students save for themselves by buying foods from cheap hotels nicknamed as 'Kibandaski'.

This is brought due to a large number of reasons. Here are some of the reason as to why the University of Eldoret students prefer cheap hotels;

1. Food is affordable

When it comes to means of survival, most students especially when you are at the University of Eldoret student, buying affordable things is one option that is on the table. After having this in mind, you will understand why most of these students are forced to buy food from cheap hotels, the reason being that is the kind of food that they can afford.

2. The cheap hotels are not far

If you’ve noted, when it comes to these cheap hotels, they are usually close to the school. This way, a University of Eldoret student don’t have to struggle much going a long way just to find a place where he/she can take a meal.

3. The existence of a good relationship

For a business person to attract more customers, a good relationship between the seller and the customer must exist. This is one of the reasons why the University of Eldoret students get attracted to these cheap hotels, where they are treated well by the sellers.