The co-chairperson of the Joint Parliamentary Committee that was probing importation of contraband sugar, Kanini Kega has said parliament will discuss the conduct of Majority Leader Aden Duale this week.

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Kega said that he will move a motion in parliament to discuss Duale's conduct after he mobilised MPs to reject the sugar report last week.

He accused Duale of secretly plotting to defend some companies involved in the sugar saga.

“He gave us a list of the companies that he wanted us to investigate but the committee went deeper and came up with a list of 169 companies which are listed in the report and that is where the problem is. There is nothing wrong with this report,” said Kega.

Kega further called for investigations into bribery allegations labelled against MPs.

“It would be so bad and disrespectful of the members if indeed they were bribed to reject a report that is meant to save so many Kenyans. Honestly, it would make the 12 Parliament be the worst performing House. I hope the investigation will be done and those who are involved will face the full force of the law,” he said.

Some MPs have been accused of having been given as little as Sh10,000 to reject the report.