The National Construction Authority (NCA) is being asked to do an assessment on buildings housing supermarkets in Nakuru.

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This is after a popular blogger said a worker in the Supermarket, name withheld, had tipped of massive cracks that risk the lives of workers and customers.

The blogger shared a message he received on Facebook from the source.

“This is a plea I'm making before its too late.  My daughter works at [name withheld] Supermarket and she has just come in and told me that the floor to the basement is caving in but the management quickly sent back up in the form of pillars to hold the floor up,” the message read in part.

The cracks, according to the source, are as a result of overload.

“This is very risky because it looks like the upper floor is overloaded with heavy goods like rice. She tells me that even some parts of the supermarket have cracks in the walls n they have been giving their concerns but wanaambiwa ati wasikuwe na wasiwasi (they are told to relax),” he added.

Nakuru residents have also asked the county’s Physical Planning CEC Frank Mwangi to act on the matter with the seriousness it deserves to avoid a tragedy.