It is shocking the rate at which Kenyans are venturing into creating memes and taking 'challenges' of what is happening around us.

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If you take a quick scan on any social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp; it will take you less than five minutes before coming across a meme, or a Kenyan 'challenge'.

A meme is a  Greek word meaning 'imitate something'. In the internet world, a meme is used while referring to images and videos with funny and sarcastic captions.

However, memes are taking Kenya by storm, and indeed, it can be said that humanity is being taken for granted.

Nonetheless, there are people who are forgetting to consider other people's feelings by posting very disturbing memes.

Imagine yourself in this case, you woke up one fine Tuesday, your first tweet pop up tells you "your daughter has been killed'', your son has been clobbered, etc.

Then the next thing you are seeing on your WhatsApp status are memes talking about it, others taking the so-called challenges. The truth is, no one will enjoy seeing this.

The latest circle of memes doing rounds on social media revolve around the death of Ivy Wangechi, a Moi University medical student who was hacked to death, in broad daylight, by her alleged lover, Naftali Kinuthia.

Within the shortest time, the internet was full of axes and knife memes with some going to extreme length by joculary stating that 'dawa ya ukimwi ni shoka' (An axe is a cure for HIV/AIDS). 

Some of these memes people create can drive someone into depression.

It becomes hard for one to let it go and move on with life when the person losses a relative.

Remember a meme created today will permanently be embedded on the internet.

Therefore,  just before you come up with that mocking meme, think about how people will perceive it. Ask yourself, " what if am the one faced with this situation? Will you post the memes when your own parent is found naked in town? Will you embrace the challenge?"

Our humanity is our peace, it is our legacy, and no one should leave behind a bad legacy.