Nowadays mobile phone security is a major issue than ever before. This is due to a large number of tasks performed by the mobile phones beyond calling and texting. Mobile phones act us our banks, virtual assistants and many other functions that make them contain so much information about us. It is this information that makes them targets to being tracked, tapped or monitored by spy software. It is not always easy to tell when your mobile phone is being tracked but the following telltale signs can point out a possible compromise:

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Odd phone behaviour

A sudden change in mobile phone behaviour can point out to a possible spy software. Such behaviours include; suddenly lighting up when not in use, random beeping noises or even sudden rebooting. This might be an indicator that your phone is being accessed by a hidden software.

Receiving unusual texts

The remote control feature of a spy software works by sending secret coded messages to your phone which can sometimes be seen if the software malfunctions. Receiving strange text messages containing random numbers, symbols or characters could point out a possible hidden spy software in your phone.

Increased data usage

Some spy apps use extra data to send information collected from your phone. This significantly increases the amount of data that you normally use. Look out for unexplained in your data uses it could point out a possible compromise.

Background noise

Do not always assume that background noise while on a call is as a result of a bad connection. Static, clicking, beeping or noises in the background might be as a result of call listening and recording features of a spy software which accesses your phone like in a conference call.

Battery rundown

Just like with the unexplained increase in data usage, increase in battery consumption can point out a possible spy software in your phone. If you find yourself charging your phone more often than before without a significant increase in your normal usage, be wary of a possible spy software that is increasing the battery consumption.