Tanzanian President John Magufuli snubbed ongoing Blue Economy Conference in Nairobi, co-hosted by Kenya, Canada and Japan, despite being an immediate neighbour.

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All neighbouring presidents among them Yoweri Museveni and Paul Kagame attended even as Magufuli conspicuously went missing.

Exactly one year ago, Magufuli snubbed President Uhuru Kenyatta's inauguration besides scolding Kenyan Maasai community people who were grazing in the neighbouring country.

"Tanzania cannot be a feeding farm for animals from other countries and that is why we have stated that we are going to take action according to the as law," Magufuli said adding: "We want to tell our neighbours to take measures based on their laws once our animals graze in their countries."

In 2015, days after his election, Mr Magufuli also banned Brookside Dairy, a company associated with President Uhuru, from operating in Arusha.

He said:"How many dairy companies do we have in our company which are working? Why is Brookside Company collecting milk from farmers in Arusha, taking it to Kenya for processing and then bringing it back for selling? Enough is enough, we can't allow this anymore."https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2001304350/magufuli-s-conspicuous-absence-from-blue-economy-conference

While no law can question his absence from the conference, it however communicates a lot about his attitude towards Kenya leadership.

When he visited in 2016, Magufuli openly questioned Kenyan government attitude towards corruption, a move that did not go well with State House mandarins.

Mr Magufuli is a close ally of opposition leader Raila Odinga and local media reported in June that the two, along with President Uhuru Kenyatta, were to meet in Migori, Kenya for a rally.