Nairobi governor Mike Sonko on Thursday tasted the feel of gambling when he won forty thousand (Sh.40, 000). 

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In a video posted on his Facebook account, the flamboyant city boss can be seen counting the money before the start of the game. 

His opponent, an unnamed man, can also be seen counting his money before handing them to a caretaker. 

Both handed over Sh20, 000 and the winner was to walk home with Sh40,000. 

“Hii game niliplay mwisho 13 years ago. Wacha nicheze ya pesa nione Kama nitashindwa,” Sonko captioned the video. 

After hosting Kenyans at his Mua home over the Christmas festival, Sonko had to take time and enjoy himself with friends playing pool. 

He revealed that he hasn’t played the game for over 13 years, but still had some skills.

After minutes of trying his luck, Sonko finally emerged the winner and he was handed the Sh40, 000.

The city boss has been an inspiration to many people, helping some of them in ways they needed his help. 

This was the first time a top politician has been seen gambling in local games.