For the last one week, some residents in Mombasa County have been complaining of reduced affinity for sharing conjugal rights with their loved ones.

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Men and women, married and unmarried are lamenting increased temperatures, day and night as a major obstacle for their love making session.

Love making is normal thing amongst couples and especially married ones, for various reasons including for procreation as well as for  pleasure.

Most couples prefer taking part in the session at night hours after work or any other businesses of the day. 

However, Mombasa has recorded very high temperatures, where some couples are forced to sleep separately.

"Sahi nikifika nyumbani kitanda na bedroom ni cha bwana, mkeka wangu hadi sebulini, maana hili joto limizidi sana, siwezi taka ata mme wangu aniguze, maana nitatoa kijasho ka ambaye nimetoka kuoga," (We will sleep in separate rooms, I don't wish my husband to stretch his hand over me, I will be sweating profusely)," said a woman who was identified as Ma Fatuma.

The women were trekking from work in the city to Tudor in the evening on Tuesday this week.

The same revelation came from a matatu conductor plying Bamburi -Mtambo - town route. He started the conversation and from what his fourteen passengers were responding, indeed love making amongst married couples in Mombasa has reduced.

"Mimi kwangu, kinafsi yangu kama Juma bin Hamis, hizi ball za usiku saa hii ndiyo zinatusaidia kuhepa mambo kama hayo, sababu joto nalo halitambui hisia zako, kuwasha feni nayo homa ndio hiyo, (Watching late night football games is my major remedy, I fear using a fan due to its side effects),'' said a man who identified as Juma.

If you take a night walk in residential places you will realise that many people will be seated outside their houses for the cool breeze.