In life, we often encounter various challenges, and situations some of which require the person involved to exhibit high level of courage to overcome.

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In relationships, men also encounter situations where they need courage to utter some phrases. Here are some of them:

1. I was wrong

Not all people can admit they are wrong.

It requires guts, for one to admit his mistakes and apologize.

2. I love you

These words might look easy reading them, but  it’s hard to utter them when expressing to someone how we feel.

For men, it takes courage to face their cherished women and tell them how much they love them.

3. Mum, respect my wife

It is unfortunate that there is always a tag of war between a man’s wife and his mum.

It takes guts for a man to stand up, and warn his mother against disrespecting his wife.

4. I am taken

When a man is already committed to one woman, he will always get temptations of being lured by other women.

This is because, most of these men look presentable since someone is already taking care of them.

It takes courage to reject other women’s offer and tell them that you are already taken.

5. Will you marry me”

It takes courage for a man to go ahead and propose to a woman.

This is because one is always not sure of the answer he is going to receive.