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5 ways perfectionist parents negatively affect their children later in life

Kipchirchir Rop
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Most of us grew in strict households where parents had unimpeachable rules of what to do and not to do. 

These parents did not know that by setting these rules and enforcing them with an iron fist, they are affecting their children's future lives. 

These are some of the effects:

1.Emotional suppression

Being raised in a perfectionist's home teaches a child to suppress his or her feelings such as anger, frustration and sometimes even love.

 It stems from the fact that parents continuously cultivated the need to avoid negative feelings in the mind of a child. 

2.Difficulty receiving criticism 

When perfection is constantly drilled in your mind as a child, you tend to have problems receiving criticism because you are too self-critical. 

This difficulty is born of the need to be right at all times as you have been accustomed to.  


When you are constantly unable to meet the strictness of your parents, you tend to imagine that something is wrong with you. 

You are ashamed with yourself that you can’t get anything right and you carry this to your adulthood. 

4.Prone to addiction

When perfectionism becomes something a person cannot seemingly achieve, he or she is likely to resort to drugs, sex or alcohol to cope. 

5.Cultivates the desire to please others  

As a child, your only desire was to please your parents, especially by living strictly by their rules. 

When you grow up, it is imprinted into you that you need to please people for them to like you, making you unable to stand for what you believe in truly.


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