Business came to a standstill on Wednesday at Keumbu market when angry traders frog-marched and kicked out a Kisii County enforcement officer.

Witnesses said trouble started when the tax collector, Martin Ondoro demanded sexual favor from one of the female trader. 

"Ondoro came into the market where she requested for a sexual favor from one of us so that he can pardon her from paying revenue. The harassed trader reported the matter to other traders who acted descended on Ondoro with kicks and blows," said Janet Gesare.

Ms Gesare said the rogue revenue officer was later frog-marched from the market. 

"Angry traders warned him against stepping his foot into the market because no female trader is willing to sell her body to him," she noted. 

Area police boss Joshua Muthoka said the matter is being probed. 

"Traders should always report such cases to police anytime they occur. No trader should be harassed," he said. 

He however, warned traders and any member of the public against beating up suspects. 

"Suspects like the revenue officer should be surrendered to police," he added.