Allegations on social media point that controversial boy band Ethic member Swat was found stealing in what appeared to be somewhere in Nairobi.

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The unverified amateur video that went viral shows a person resembling the Lamba Lolo band member talking in pain as he seems to have already received a thorough beating after allegedly breaking into a house.

"Swat of Ethic Music Group getting a beating right now for allegedly breaking into my neighbours' house. Why waste such a talent, this kid has a bright future. So sad indeed! Instead ya kulamba lolo saizi analamba mangumi mbaya!" Kentazy wrote on Twitter.

"Na si mpeane number yangu wazazi (Give your parents contacts)," a female voice is heard asking Swat.

"Wacha kushika tumbo yako hivyo inafaa ukatwe na panga (Stop holding your stomach in that manner. In fact, you need to be cut using a panga)," another voice is heard telling him.

"Mtakufia hapa kama hamwezi leta wazazi wenu hapa (You will die if you don't call your parents here)," another voice is heard.

The incident surprised many as the group are arguably doing well in music than most of the famous and well-known artists with their songs attracting many views on YouTube.

Swat is such a stand out in the boy band that one would wonder why such a talented young man would turn into theft. 

Authorities are yet to confirm the incident. 

Watch the video here.