A restaurant attendant in one of the hotels at Riverside has claimed that he has been serving the attackers coffee a few days before the attack.

Speaking to Capital FM after being rescued, the restaurant attendant noted that the situation inside the building was terrific.

“I knew one of them because he had a big scar on one of his hands.

“I saw them. They shot six of my friends, four didn’t die but two succumbed," he said as quoted by Capital FM.

Queried on who the attackers were, and what they said, the attendant opined that the attackers fired without discrimination asking why their brothers in Somalia were being killed.

“Why are you killing our brothers and sisters in Somalia? They no longer attend Madrassa,” they shouted before firing, he said.

The attack started at around 3:00 pm on Tuesday, a report from the police indicate that the operation is moving on swiftly.

Reports indicate that the police have been able to rescue 174 people so far.