Kibera women understand that curves make men wild. These women have opted for different ways to get the perfect body shapes that leave men admiring them all day long. These women are ready to do anything to get the killer curves. Here are four effortless ways city women get curvy bodies.

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1. Waist sliming

 Slimming your waist also brings out the curves. Women with thin waists often flaunt their curves. Women go for strength training in order to make their waists slimmer over time.  The different workouts not only strengthen the abs but also the core.

2. Shed the excess weight

 Women from Kibera know that they can get their amazing curves by shedding extra weight. Cardio is among the best ways to shed weight. Excessive weight makes a woman look shapeless. These women have embraced these workouts to make their curves stand out.

3. Toning your upper body

Kibera women know that they can get the nice looking curves but toning their upper parts of the body. Make sure you pay attention to the shoulders, chest and arms. Eating healthy foods, cardio and strength training will leave your curves standing out.

4. Butt and thighs enhancement

The butt and thighs are among the most attractive parts of a woman’s body. Embracing exercises that training the butt and thighs. The exercises should be simple and reliable.