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Murathe rubbishes 'dynasty verses hustler' narrative as nonsensical

Dominic Keino
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David Murathe speaking to press in the past [Source/Facebook/David Murathe]

Former Jubilee party interim vice-chairperson has caused reactions by terming the deputy president William Ruto's 'dynasty verses hustler' message nonsensical, adding Kenyans cannot buy it.

Murathe posted the message on his official Facebook page.

He opined that William Ruto is too rich and, therefore, misses the point.

The post read, "the billionaire hustler thinks that Kenyans are stupid and zombies to buy his common nonsensical message of DYNASTY VS HUSTLER."

His message has elicited reactions from Facebook.

Some netizens are in support of Murathe, saying that one cannot consider himself a go-getter yet he has amassed wealth, most of it, through questionable ways.

Others who also sided with him said that he had spoken out the truth which others did not want to hear.

However, a section strongly castigated Mr.Murathe for his incessant and unnecessary attacks on deputy president.

The group against him told him off. They wrote that Murathe know Mr.Ruto was poised to succeed and he was doing everything possible to derail this endeavours.

A number said that Murathe was too old to be posting pointless opinions in social media and therefore, he was becoming a disgrace to the old folk, who ought to be giving wise counsel.


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