Some habits are seemingly simple and it is not even easy to draw a cause-effect relationship with their outcome, but they have an immense power to transform your life. Their outcome includes living a happier healthy life devoid of stress and depression and in extension living longer. Here are some of the habits that can greatly transform your life:

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1. Spending time with the people you love

Be it family or friends, spending time around the people you love creates strong social bonds which enhances the overall well being of a person. It also creates avenues for assistance in case of a need. Form a habit of taking dinner with the family or going out with friends and see how happier you will be.

2. Regular exercise

Research has shown that people who exercise have increased patience, less stress, more confidence and better sleep.T he  Association for Applied Sport Psychology  (AASP) draws a correlation between exercise and good mood, less stress and better sleep. This will with time make you more productive.

3.Develop daily routines

It could be waking up at the same time, going to bed at the same time, having your favourite drink at the same time or engaging in other activities that you like at a given time. Consistency in your day to day activities produces a cascade of positive effects which impact on your health, productivity and happiness.

4. Meditation

Meditation is not reserved for only the Indian Gurus or Budha priests. Meditating regularly has immense mental benefits as it offers a great relief from stress. Meditation is associated with reduced stress and anxiety, reduced blood pressure and a stronger immune system.

5. Planning for each day

Taking a few minutes to plan for your day every morning after you wake up helps you to set your priorities right for the rest of the day. This will save you from having a chaotic day and improve your productivity. Remember that failing to plan is planning to fail.