caption:for some ladies periods can be a painful experience(

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Having periods is a very important part of growing up for every lady because it shows that you’re healthy. But for some ladies periods can be a painful experience.

Here are some signs you should look out for in order to prepare yourself,


This is having pain in your lower belly or lower back. This is one of the most common symptoms to have before or during your period. Cramps can be painful at some point.

Mood Swings

It is true that women have a lot of emotions but these emotions tend to go to another level when they are on their periods. If you find yourself having this mood swings just understand its normal to have them and let it out.

Acne Breakouts

This is very common in a young girl you are prone to hormonal acne while experiencing your periods. The best way to treat acne is to cleanse your face twice a day.

Body Aches

Before or during your periods you will tend to experience achiness or sometimes feeling tired even when you’ve not done anything. It’s advisable that you take your time and relax during your periods.

Food Cravings

According to Psychology Today, hormones released by female gonads, estrogen, and progesterone, affects every organ in your body including the ability to kick in cravings. Having this cravings is normal and you should spoil yourself a little during this time.