There was panic in Wajir County as residents destroyed vacuum flasks after word went round that they can cause cancer.

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There were allegations being spread that the substance between the flasks’ inner and outer glasses could cause cancer.

The word quickly spread that the suspicious objects are tablet-like and are found between the outer casing and the double-glass interior.

A section of residents in the county quickly moved into action and started destroying their flasks to see for themselves.

The situation was made worse as videos of people breaking flasks were being shared on social media causing panic even in neighbouring counties such as Garissa and Mandera.

Tea sellers and buyers were not left behind and they also decided to break their flasks for fear of contracting the terminal illness.

“I sell tea and after word spread that the flasks we have been using cause cancer, I decided to break them for fear of losing my customers. Now we have bought metallic kettles,” said Nasrin Afara.

“I have just destroyed two of my flasks after seeing most of my neighbours break their flask. I can’t risk getting cancer,” said Halima Osman, a resident.

Some residents, however, said they will continue using the flasks since they have been drinking tea from thermoses for years and had never developed cancer.

According to, county health officials took samples of the tablets for further tests.